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GBWhatsapp, have you have heard this name before? If you’re kind of internet geek then you are must know of this, either this is your first time. So, here I’m going to discuss what GBWhatsapp is and why should you have to download this app.

It is easy to see that we all are on WhatsApp, admire my sense or not but if you have a smartphone then you must have WhatsApp in it. Reasons? Because it provides us one of the best communication services we ever dream of. Instant messaging, quality video calls, direct calls and exchange of documents which can be done just by tapping for a couple of times.

But, there’s an alternative app of WhatsApp is available in the market which gives a number of extra features you which you never think of. Features like hiding are last seen, changeable theme and fonts, anti revoke for deleted messages. Isn’t this sounds crazy, truly it is?

You won’t have to rush on Google, only If I tell you everything about this app. In my experience, I’m using GBWhatsapp app from last 2 years and I must say this app is doing pretty well, like, more than the actual WhatsApp. That’s why I’m in love with this and recommend you to also install this and give it a try. also, read lucky-patcher


GBWhatsapp Download Apk| Latest Version 6.55

gbwhatsapp app

There is a dozen of MODs available in the market which provide some unique function which isn’t available on Original Whatsapp at all. Likewise, YoWhatsapp, Whatsapp +, Whatsapp Premium type of MODs (They aren’t official, these apps are designed by some unknown developers who loves to share things with us).  With these apps, you can hide your last seen, typing status and much more.

But the thing is either you can install any MOD of WhatsApp or original Whatsapp, but if you go with GBWhatsapp Apk you can use them both at the same time. Yes, this isn’t a hoax, you can use both of the apps at the same time without any fear. I’m using both for a very long time, so, If I could do this, you can too.

Current Version:v6.40
Android Required:4.0+
App Name:GBWhatsapp
Root Required:Not Compulsory
Main Function:Dual Whatsapp
Last Update6 June 2018


What is GBWhatsApp?

GBWhatsapp is a patched version of official whatsapp app. However, Gbwhatsapp has a bunch of extra features which are only available on this specific app. They are neither available on Whatsapp nor on any other MODs.

As I said earlier we all have WhatsApp on our phones and we are addicted to it, we check our messages and notification again and try not to miss our favorite person’s text. In this case, GB Whatsapp allows you to make it more easy for you. Try its online toast feature which will let you know whenever they came online. Isn’t this good to start the conversation at right time without waiting for their online comeback?

In GBWhatsapp you’ll also get the bunch of extra security functions, like, you can lock your whatsapp without downloading any other app, it’s inbuilt. Also, you can lock each and every conversation chats with a different password isn’t this a good feature to protect your chats from your mates who used to stalk your phone and try to read your texts.

Not only this, you’ll find a number of other amazing features too which are only available on this bare platform. Also, I’ll share GBWhatsapp Download link to help you in downloading and installation of the app.You can also download whatsapp-plus

WhatsApp or GB Whatsapp : Which Is Really Better?

You probably already know that whatsapp is the fastest growing app who recently crossed 100 million + downloads. This app is on the top of the list and earned a very good fame in messaging apps. Because this app allows you to deliver your messages within a second of time, also you can share your images, videos, audio messages and documents too, but there is a size limit of 25MB which is little low.

You have to stay on the same theme for always, you can’t make any change in that because it’s the one and only stock theme available there. There is no other theme to flip it, even you can’t make any change in available.

GB Whatsapp is a copy of Whatsapp but it serves you far better experience in comparison to the original one. You can share same things along with some extra formats like CSV Files, PDF and APK files whose size can be up to 100MB.

Here you can change themes as many times you want, also there are thousands of themes available, just choose and apply according to your needs. Also, you can make changes in colors if you want to.

If you’re going to follow my words then I recommend you to go for GBWhatsapp App, it really pays you the real worth of using. I guarantee that you’ll never feel regret on this app, I say, never. That’s why most of us prefer using gbGBWhatsapp over the original WhatsApp app.


  • You can change themes in GBWhatsapp and they have thousands of stock themes to apply, but whatsapp has only one theme.
  • Lock your Gbwhatsapp (inbuilt feature), for whatsapp you have to install another app to do the same work.
  • Whatsapp comes up with a single font which is available for all the users but gbwhatsapp have a variety of fonts. You can choose any of them and set it as default and every text would convert in that font style.
  • Online Toast Whenever your friends came online, no more stalking over chats heads to wait for them to come online. You’ll get a pop-up whenever he/she starts using WhatsApp.
  • Anti-Revoke Feature to see which message was deleted earlier, this way you can see your friends deleted messages too.
  • You can Freeze your Last Seen in GBWhatsapp but in whatsapp, you can’t do this.
  • Also if you don’t want to show up double tick on messages you have seen before then you can hide that too, yes you can hide blue tick also.
  • There is also another feature called Always online, whenever you connect your device to the internet it will make you online there on whatsapp. No matter you’re using that app or not.


This isn’t all, it’s just a beginning, I have posted a separate paragraph for features of gbwhatsapp with some highlights key features because if I start discussing all of them it will consumer hell a lot of time. Hope you understand, but if you need to know about any of them or you have any query then drop your message into the comment.

Aptoide download

Features of GBWhatsapp

Those who are using this app from a long time they might already know most of its amazing features, but the people who are going to use this app for the first time they probably have a couple of questions floating over their heads. Here, I’ll go to post some of its quality features and I’m quite sure that after checking out those features you’ll go for it blindly.

Many times you don’t want to use whatsapp, reasons can be a little fight with a crush or it can be for study purpose also. But while you’re not using whatsapp it will hit your notification bar with every message you get, and trust this will surely distract you from your goals. So, what you should have to do now? Use Do Not Disturb feature of gbwhatsapp to stop internet connection for only your WhatsApp, rest of all things will work normally as they always do.


  • Freeze Your Last Seen
  • Hide Second Tick (Blue Tick)
  • View Status Anonymously (you can watch your friends status without getting appeared on their visitor’s list).
  • Download status videos, images.
  • Change Themes (Thousands of Options are available there).
  • Lock Whatsapp (or you can also lock some specific chats too)
  • Change Notification Icon & App Icon.
  • Always Online, no matter you are using your phone or not you can stay up online by just turning on your data connection.
  • Get notified when your friends reach online
  • Change chat style and media options placement to make them easier to find at your fingertips.
  • Translate messages in 12 different languages.
  • DND (scroll down for a brief note)
  • Anti – Revoke Update! (now you can see which message was deleted)

I’m not going to explain in brief because this will make this post long as bible 🙂 so it’s better to get some highlights yo get an idea about the stuff easily. If you don’t understand any of them then drop your query into the below comment section I’ll try to explain the steps with screenshots.

More or less, these highlight points will tell you that how is this app going to work for you. You can make your control on almost every privacy things you want to, don’t need to reveal your identity when you can surf these things anonymously.


GBWhatsapp Download For Android

Let’s sum up quickly to get gbwhatsapp download for your android device. The way GBWhatsapp modify their features has gained a lot of popularity and make him stand apart from the crowd of other low key MODs. Also, GB Whatsapp is capable of both rooted and non-rooted device you there’s nothing to worry about that compatibility stuff. You just need an Android device and that’s enough to download gbwhatsapp.

If you google for GBWhatsapp Download link you’ll get expired links or the old versions there because the site which provides latest version link isn’t on top results. Don’t be afraid of this, here I’ll update the link after every update along with their changelogs (newly added stuff highlights) and version list.

GB Whatsapp Apk

So here I’m with some details about this app which you should have to know, barely this is available for Android devices only. If you’re an iOS user or you’re on PC then you should have to try something else. You can try Android Emulator if you want to install this app on your PC but this is going to be a very long process, we will discuss it later.

[easy_media_download url=”” color=”red_darker”]

How To Install GBWhatsapp

You don’t have to follow any long procedure for this, it’s just a normal app and you have to follow same things we usually you do while installing any third party apps. But if you’re really a newbie then here are the steps along with screenshots to get an idea about the process.

  • The first thing you have to do is Enable Unknown Sources. For that, you have to go to Settings > Security > Find Unknown Sources (Tick)

  • Now you have to Download GBWhatsapp Apk.
  • After downloading, hit the install button.
  • Within few seconds it will be installed on your device, now you can open the app and use it to register your number there. It’s totally same as whatsapp.

How To Use GBWhatsapp

Here is an easier way that I have found to get registered on gbwhatsapp without any issue or following any long-lasting steps. Just follow my little guide and you’ll get what you deserve.

  • Open the GBWhGbwhat App
  • It will ask you for your mobile number, do as they want.
  • A confirmation pop up would appear to let you know about the number you just entered if everything is okay then click Ok or you can Edit the details too.
  • After that an OTP will be delivered to your number which is required to register, if your sim card is in your device then it will automatically detect it and verify the number. You can also type code manually.
  • Now it’s time to upload the profile picture and your name which is used to set up your account.
  • It will take a couple of seconds to initialize the data and create you create.
  • Once it gets completed you’ll be redirected to its homepage. From there you can start new chats with your friends and with whom you like to.

gbwhatsapp download


How To Hide Last Seen

If you’re searching to freeze your last seen then here I am, I’ll tell you each and every step by which you can easily freeze your last seen at any time. This is a good feature if you’re using your device late night and have some family member as your WhatsApp mates. By this, you can hide your last seen and they couldn’t catch your surfing.

  • Open GBWhatsapp App
  • At top right corner you’ll see three vertical dots, click on them.

gbwhatsapp apk

  • A side menu would come out from the right side, click on the first option Privacy.


  • Then you’ll get some more options again you have to click on first option Hide Online Status.

gbwhatsapp app

  • From that time your last seen would get a freeze and it won’t continue until you personally don’t change the settings again.

whatsapp plus

What is DND? How To Enable This

DND stands for Do Not Disturb

By this feature you can turn your data off for your GBWhatsapp Apk, rest of all apps and download will remain same. You’ll not get any notification or any message, call from gbwhatsapp when you have DND mode. To make it enable to follow the below steps.

  • Just Open the App
  • Take a look at the header, there you’ll find an icon which looks alike wifi icon. Click on that.

gbwhatsapp app

  • It will ask you to enable DND Mode if you’re ready for this then hit Ok button.

gbwhatsapp download

  • To make it disable you just have to click on that DND icon again and you can disable it right from there.

gbwhatsapp app

How To Change Themes of WhatsApp

On the original version of Whatsapp you don’t have any choice of themes but here you have plenty of themes and you can design your own theme too if you have some little guts of modification. This isn’t hard work, it’s simple and easy to find and apply themes.

  • In GBWhatsapp click on those 3 vertical dots, which is on the right side from where you get all options.
  • Click on GB Settings (Second option, see the screenshot below).
  • Now Find Download themes colour which is under the Themes section.


  • A huge list of themes will take place in front of your screen, choose any of them which you like most.
  • To set theme you just have to click on Apply Button which is in the right side of the theme.

gbwhatsapp download apk

  • It will take only a few seconds to decorate your app and aks you to restart your GB App. If you’re good with that then hit Ok.

gbwhatsapp app

  • Open the app again and TADAM! A brand new theme is there.

gbwhatsapp download

How To See Deleted Messages

Recently whatsapp has introduced a new feature called “Revoke Message” which means you can delete you delivered message at any time you like to. But sometimes it gets worse because people make fun of you in the group and then delete the message when you’re not active there. So how do you know about all that chit-chats, that’s why Gbwhatsapp had introduced an option called ”Anti-Revoke Message”.

By enabling this feature you can see every message which is delivered to your GBWhatsapp, no matter are they still live or deleted by the sender. It won’t affect on your device. To make this happen you just have to follow my guide, steps are in following ways.

  • At first, go to GBWhatsapp App
  • Click on right corner 3 dots (option icon)
  • Now choose the first option named Privacy.
  • A new list of option will again appear, go to the last option Enable Anti-Revoke and click on that.
  • That’s it, now you can see every message which is delivered to you. Also, you’ll get notified of every message which was deleted by your friends.


How To Lock GBWhatsapp Apk

You don’t need to install any other app to lock your gb whatsapp apk, this can be done through by its inbuilt functions. You just have to follow these simple steps to put a strong lock on your GB App.

  • Go to GB Whatsapp App
  • Click on GB Settings
  • Scroll down and search for Lock option. (It’s on number 7)

gbwhatsapp app


  • Choose the first option Enable Passcode to set a strong password for the lock.
  • Enter any strong 4 digits which you can easily remember, retype the same digits to enable lock.
  • Done! After this nobody can open you gbwhatsapp into they don’t know the password.

Can I Install GB Whatsapp on iPhone?

No, you can’t, there is no such update available from gbwhatsapp developers for iPhone users. You can’t use this mod on your iOS device. Better to find any other alternative of this to enjoy some detect features because WhatsApp won’t let you get introduced to them with their original app.

If in future they develop any MOD for iOS devices then I’ll surely update this post with their download link either you can wait or rush for any other similar app which is capable of your device.

Can We Use GB Whatsapp Apk On Windows?

Yes, you can, but it needs an android emulator to perform those actions. You can download any Android Emulator which is highly recommended by ratings or have good reviews. If you want my suggestion in this then I advise you to go with BlueStack or NoX. Both of them have a good rating and work slightly without any lag or issue.



Hope you guys have got what are you are looking for if still, you have any question or any doubt then drop your message into the below comment section. I’ll try to reply and solve your query as soon as possible. Don’t forget to share this post with your friends to let them know about gbWhatsapp and it’s amazing features.

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