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Do you not satisfied with your old Android theme?, do you want your Android phone to be completely different, or do you want to take your Android display to a next level???? if you want to solve all these problems then you’ve come to the right place. Today Apkroll has found something similar that you have been waiting for, so let’s know about this app without any delay.
Nova Launcher prime yes friends!!!!! Today you will learn about one of the best launcher app available for Android phones. So before we start to know about the Nova Launcher prime apk, we take a look about what actually a launcher? So there’s nothing bigger about this Just simply understand that the launcher is a part of a mobile software that gives a different look to the graphic that you see on your android phone’s home screen or the device’s screen.

As different mobile companies have their own separate launcher screens which are already present in the phone, the phone comes pre-loaded with it and you immediately understand that which company this phone belongs to. But how long will you continue to see or use the same boring design every day? Trend changes in a fast pace in today’s world and we also keep on striving to make ourselves fast. Forget your old launcher, the customization in the world of Android is quite enormous, so can the screen customization remains behind? this app is the only customizable launcher app that gives you so many options that you have not even imagined. Also, Read Blackmart.

Nova Launcher Prime Description

nova launcher prime

Nova Launcher Prime Apk is a well-known launcher app for Android phones. In this app, you will find so many options to customize your screen that you will also be passionate about this game and on behalf of you claim that after reading this post, you will not be able to live without being able to wake up the artist inside.
Nova Launcher Prime is a launcher targeted at an AOSP (android open source project) that is designed for Android phones. Big techies (android police, Phandroid, Lifehacker, Android Central) All of these believe that the team is hands-on in creating the Nova constellation. Now it can be a big compliment for an app.
The Nova Installer is designed or designed so that it has the capability to customize almost everywhere of your Android phone. So let’s know about the features of this app.

nova launcher prime apk

Nova Launcher Prime Apk Download

App NameNova Launcher
Size6.08 MB
Last Update12 May 2018
Downloads50+ Millions
Minimum Android VersionAndroid 4.1+

Nova launcher Download


nova launcher prime apk

Features of Nova Launcher Prime

♦ Unlimited Icons Pack

There is plenty of icon packs available for Nova Launcher Prime on play store which you can download easily.

♦ Subgrid positioning

The icons or widget can also be set halfway through the desktop grid cells in Nova launcher Prime, which can not be done inside any other normal launcher.

♦ Color control – One of the great feature of Nova launcher prime its color control capability, you can control your apps labels, folders, unread badges, drawer tabs and even background color.

♦ Customize app drawer – Inside the Nova launcher prime, you can bring your app drawer in either vertical or horizontal direction, there are other options also available.

♦ Widget drawer – Widget is intended to provide you with any of the shortcuts that can be quite good in Nova.

♦ Infinite scroll – Now you can go straight without disrupting it on your favorite page, from the drawer directly to the desktop, scroll it continuously.

♦ Backup/Restore feature – This app makes it special due to Its Backup/Restore feature. Now you can restore your hard-built home screen whenever you want to restore it and share your home screen setup with your friends. You will see the name of backup file something like this (file-name.novabackup).

♦ Scrollable Dock – Dock is nothing but is your main screen and you can create multiple docks on different pages inside Nova Launcher Prime apk.

♦ Widgets in Dock – Inside Nova Launcher prime apk, you can adjust the widget size as you wish, such as 2×1,3×1,4×1 etc.

♦ Fast response – The Nova Launcher Prime Apk is design by a great developer team, because of this, whether there is a smoothing effect or a good response to the animations this app worth the trust.

All of these features are present in the free version of Nova launcher prime but don’t worry guys we will provide you the premium version of the nova launcher prime.

Extra features of the premium version

♦ Gestures – Now with the help of Nova launcher prime, you will be able to control your favorite apthe p by gesture. There are a pinch, swipe, double tap and many gestures which you can use with your own calculations.

♦ Unread Count – A special feature of the premium version that will not allow any of your messages ta o be miss, whether it’s a Gmail or a text message.

♦ Hide apps – You can also hide your apps inside the prime version which makes security safer and secure.

♦ Icon swipes – Now you can customize the way you swipe any app swipe and create a shortcut.

♦ More scroll effect – like wipe, accordion, and throw.

Note – Here nova launcher prime will be use as a license which you have to install only after the normal app. So you will have to install nova launcher prime first.

How to Install Nova Launcher Prime

As you all already know the procedure to install any third party apps on your phone but still I explain for my new visitor who doesn’t know how to do it.

► First, you have to download Nova Launcher Prime Apk and its prime license apk file. (Click on the link given below).

Nova Launcher DownloadNova Prime License

► Now you have to give some permission on your android device to install a third-party app.

  • Go To Settings > Security> Unknown Sources and mark it Enable to give the permission.

►Now click on the Main nova launcher apk file to install on your device and follow the procedure whatever is showing your phone. After installing the main file now its time to install your license file and that’s it.

 How to Setup Your Nova Launcher Prime

Now I think you’ve learned everything about Nova launcher, Now its time to know how to setup nova launcher in your android device. Believe it, friends, this is not a difficult task. You just have to follow my procedure and you will learn how to customize your screen.

First, you have to long press your home screen to open nova launcher prime setting menu. If this your first-time experience then you will see some initial setup on your device simply you have set according to the screenshot below.

nova launcher prime apk
nova launcher prime apk

Now you can see lots of option available to customize your home screen or desktop. Now I will explain to you all of these options in details So let’s start!

• Desktop – 

In a desktop setting, you can adjust your apps size and its width you will see different sections like Layout, Scroll, Page indicator, New Apps and Advance setting.

  Desktop grid            –  In layout section first option is the desktop grid in this you can set how much apps you preferred horizontally and vertically also we can move our icons or widgets half way through grid cells.

 Icon Layout               –  As the name suggests here we can adjust our icon size and resize their labels like font, change color related settings.

 Search bar Style      –  This option gives you a different type of search bar you can set according to your theme style.

 Scroll Effect              –  Scroll effect provides a different look to your animations here lots of options available you can choose as your preference.

nova launcher prime apk desktop

• Apps & Widget Drawers 

 Here you can adjust Drawer(the Main section where all apps are present) grid size, Icons size and its layout, and lots more settings.

• Dock

A dock is an enclosed area where all important apps like Instagram, Whatsapp, Dialer, and many more according to your choice where we can customize dock according to our setup.

• Look & Feel 

This setting allows us to change our theme icons. you can download lots of free icons pack directly on the play store.

Gestures & inputs

One of the best feature of nova launcher prime apk its gesture mode now you can control almost everything in your phone with help of gesture only you have set up your task or applications according to your needs.

Backup & Imports

Let’s assume we made our dream setup and one day our phone gets reset. Do you want to do all this again? I know you will not say at all. Keeping all these things in mind, the Nova developer team has given us the option of backup & import so that we can make backups of our whole setup and by chance, if an accident happens then we can restore our backup with the help of backup file.

nova launcher prime apk download


Final Conclusion !!!!!!!

So, friends, that’s it from our side. If you have some problem or any question related to this post then you can write your precious comment in the comment box below without any hesitation. and if have any topic that you would like to see on the apktroll website, please tell us we will ensure that we can present it to you as soon as possible. Friends stay connected with us and keep surfing apktroll.

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