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Entertainment is one of the basic need of every individual these days & Youtube is one of the most famous platforms for most of the users over the internet. Youtube is basically a sister company of Google and is a video watching platform. It has one of the largest user bases on the internet. But still, the application lacks some features which are important for users like us. So, OG Youtube mod apk was launched about 2 years ago for us. This app has some amazing features which will be discussed here. Also, check Freedom apk

Og Youtube
Og Youtube

Before starting about OG Youtube mod apk, we should gather some knowledge about Youtube. Youtube gives us a free platform to watch videos and get a daily dose of entertainment. But sadly you can’t download videos from the official youtube app on your smartphone. It doesn’t have the ability for background play etc.,

These all features are added in the OG Youtube mod apk. Just download the app and use all these features for free. Below is the procedure to download the OG youtube mod apk but before that let us discuss it’s amazing features.

OG Youtube mod apk features

The modded app has some amazing features which aren’t available in the official apk due to which it is more popular among us. And for this only you would be here to download it.

This app has features like background music play, download video on a smartphone, multiple download resolutions, PIP mode, etc., which will be discussed here in detail.

og youtube mod apk download

Background  Music Play

This is the best feature I personally like. You can listen to video or precisely songs over the internet without watching the video. Yes!! You heard it right just click on the background play option and start listening to your favorite songs and repeat it without opening the app. Just from the notification bar, you can change the song or repeat it.

Multitasking was never that easier on smartphones. Just use your smartphone while listening to your favorite songs or videos as well as podcasts from youtube.

Just open any video and enlarge it then press home button then it will convert into PIP mode. Now, click on the video again and click the headphone option to run the video in background mode. This doesn’t end yet, there are more exciting features listed below.

og youtube mod apk download

Youtube Video Downloader

You can download youtube video with it at the same time you are watching it. Don’t have time to surf the video? Just download it with the help of og youtube app and watch it later on whenever you want to.

You get a variety of resolution from which you can choose and download the video including 4K/HD 1080p/720p etc.,

It has multiple download feature, not like the normal youtube in which you can download one video at a time. You can download multiple videos at a time with it without any problem for free.

og youtube mod apk

PIP Mode

Those who don’t know what is PIP Mode. PIP is a picture in picture mode. It is used to open a window along with the ongoing window in android. You can only use this feature if you have Android version 8.0+ but for those also youtube official doesn’t support this yet.

OG youtube apk supports PIP mode for those smartphones for free. You don’t have to pay for it. Imagine chatting with your loved one along with youtube video running on the same screen. Doesn’t sound good? I didn’t, then don’t know what would!

Just download the app and watch your favorite videos in your smartphone along with the routine work you do.

og youtube mod apk download

No Ads

Yes, You heard it right. Now, you don’t have to wait for those 5 seconds to skip or those boring & irritating advertisements as in the modded apk uploaded here have no ad support and you don’t have to pay a single penny for it.

Watch any video for free and don’t watch any ads in the app. Just click the video and you can watch it as it is. These all features are absolutely free then why you would use a YouTube video downloader or that old official app with no such exciting features.

App NameOG YouTube   
App Size42.8Mb
Last Updated20 November 2018
Total Download50M+
Root accessNOT Required

Hope you have got a lot of details of the og YouTube app. so now without wasting much time, here is the download and install guide of og YouTube mod apk.

OG YouTube mod apk download

To download the og youtube mod apk, click on the below button and it should start downloading. Just click the button to go to the download page and click on download. It will download in seconds, you don’t have to suffer to do this job.

OG YouTube apk Download

After downloading the above-uploaded apks. You can install it directly on your smartphone. Many of you won’t be able to install it due to some problems which can be solved by allowing the unknown sources. This option is allowed to install the apk downloaded from a platform other than google play store.

Below are the steps to install the og youtube apk on your smartphone for both below Android 7 and above that. Everything is explained in the simplest form to help our users install it easily.

Install OG YouTube app

  • After you have downloaded the apk from the above link.
  • Click on the settings option in your smartphone and go to security option to find the allow unknown sources option.
  • Now, You can see the allow unknown sources option in the security option.
  • Just fill the tick in it and click on the downloaded apk.
  • Now It will ask for install or cancel. Simply click on install.
  • Now, after installation, it will ask for some permissions to save the apk on your smartphone and download it.
  • Just allow the options and you are good to go. You can also refer to the screenshot uploaded below:

og youtube mod apk download

  • This procedure is for android version below 7 (Nougat). For Android version 8.0+ Below is the procedure.
  • Just search for a setting option in the UI.
  • Go to the search bar as shown below and search for “Special app access“.
  • Now, Go to the bottom and you can find allow unknown sources there.
  • Just allow the option for the app from where you have downloaded the apk.

og youtube mod apk download

  • Like in the above screenshot, I have allowed for the chrome browser.
  • Since I have downloaded the apk from chrome. Now, click on apk and install it.
  • Allow the permissions asked for to complete the installation procedure.

By this way, you can easily download and install the og youtube mod apk on your android smartphone for free. Below are some of the frequently asked questions if you want to go through.

og youtube mod apk

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Is it safe to download?

Yes, the apk uploaded on apktroll are 100% safe to download as they are checked through virus total – One of the leading virus checker website.

You would be afraid if you are downloading these apks from some non trusted websites as they might slow down your smartphones or even damage it.

Always download apks from us or the trusted websites over google for safety.

Why it is not available on playstore?

The app isn’t available on playstore as it doesn’t comprise with the Google Playstore Terms & Conditions. Modded apks are against their play policy. Hence, they couldn’t be uploaded on playstore.

But you can still trust this apk as millions of other users do. You can easily download it from above for free.

Is it legal to use?

Modded apks are never legal. 😉

Why I am unable to install it?

Refer to our installation procedure given above to install the apk easily on your smartphone.

Does it get regular updates as the official apk?

Yes, you get regular updates for the apk and you can download the last updated apk anytime from here. For that don’t forget to visit us daily 😉

Hope these will fulfill your questions but still if you have more, feel free to ask below. we would love to answer and hear from you.

For more interesting apks refer to our other posts. These all are free to download and get to your smartphone. Comment below if you have any query or suggestions. All suggestions are welcomed.

Hope you like the post. Have a great day.

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