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tea tv

Welcome to apktroll, Here we are going to give one of the best apk on the internet for free movies & TV shows. Its name is Tea tv and here is the full guide for tea tv apk download.

tea tv

Tea tv is a free app available over the internet to download free movies & TV shows.

When some of the big free platforms such as Showbox, terrarium tv had shut down. This is running unstoppably for its beloved users.

The app has almost all the amazing features which are available in paid applications and let us get a quick look at it.

Tea TV apk features

Tea tv has some amazing features such as safe mode, internal video player, regular updates, 100% uptime, collection etc., which will be discussed in detail here.

Lets us start with my favorite feature that is regular updates.

tea tv apk download

Regular movies & TV shows

The app is almost daily updated with regular movies & TV shows. It has a complete set of the entertainment package.

You don’t have to wait for any movie since it is uploaded as soon as it is on the internet. All this is uploaded for free on the app for their beloved users.

It also has an anime option to view anime videos on the app.

tea tv apk download free


Safe Mode

Tea Tv has safe mode pre-installed. It is already on safe mode and you can’t surf for adult content on it. It is good if you have small children at your home.

The app restricts the adult content on the app and you can access it by disabling the safe mode. After the safe mode is disabled you can surf for all adult content on the app.

tea tv apk download

100% Uptime

The app has 100% uptime as it never gets down. You can watch your favorite videos any time and anywhere.

At a time when big giants such as Showbox/terrarium tv etc., goes down it is running seamlessly perfect.

tea tv apk download

Internal Video Player

The app has an internal video player so you don’t have to install a separate video player to watch those videos.

The internal video player is completely free of ads so you can have seamless entertainment for free.

tea tv app

User Collections

The app has a separate option to make your own collection of videos which you want to watch.

You can make a personal collection of your favorite videos by logging in to your trakt.tv account.


tea tv apk

No Ads [100% ad free]

The app doesn’t contain any ads so that you can seamlessly view your videos and movies. All the content is free to use and download on your smartphone.

This app is totally ad-free and has multiple subtitles on the internet which are downloaded from the app to your smartphones.

So, these were some of the features of the tea tv app. Now, here is the guide to download & install the tea tv apk.

Tea Tv apk download & Install guide


Below is the download link to download the tea tv apk. click on it and just download the apk and install it.

Tea TV apk download

Here is the installation guide to install it on your smartphone.

  • First of all, download the apk from the above button and now you have to allow unknown sources.
  • For that click on the settings option and go to security option.
  • On the security option, tick on the allows unknown sources.
  • You can refer to the screenshot below.

tea tv apk download

  • The above procedure is for android 7 or below. For Android 8 and above refer to the procedure below.
  • First of all, go to the settings option.
  • Now, click on the search bar and search for “special app access”.
  • After searching for it go at last to find allow unknown sources.
  • Now allow for the app from where you have to install the apk.
  • As you can see below, I have allowed it for chrome as I have downloaded the apk from chrome.

tea tv apk download

  • Allow it for the app from where you have downloaded the apk.

By doing the above procedure you can easily download and install the tea tv apk.

You would have some questions in your mind about the app for that below are some of the frequently asked questions about the app.

whatsapp plus

Frequently Asked Questions[FAQs]

Is it safe to use?

Yes, the app is 100% safe to use as all the apks uploaded here are already checked and verified from virus total. One of the best website to check and verify files on the Internet.

You can safely use it. You should always download apks from trusted websites such as us ;). Since apks uploaded on other websites can have malicious codes and can slow down or harm your smartphone.

Does the app be legal to use?

The app doesn’t comply with government policies. As watching paid content for free over the internet is against those policies. As you don’t have the rights to view that content.

Why the app isn’t available on play store?

The app isn’t available on playstore since it doesn’t comply with the playstore policies.

The app has copyrighted content for which the app developer doesn’t have proper rights. But you can download the apk easily from here.

I am not able to install the apk!

Just follow the guide available above to install the app properly. The app is checked and working properly.

Wrapping Up

So this was all about the tea tv apk download and installation procedure.

Just download the app from above and install. After installation enjoys your favorite content seamlessly over the internet.

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